Pieterjan Ruysch is a laser show designer that experiments in the field on a daily basis,  pushing the boundries of laser graphics and other pre- programmed laser content.

Back in highschool he was already making 3D animations and experimented with all kinds of formats, eventually this landed him to laser Graphics.  Since his work is simplistic in form yet direct: this translated very well. Pieterjan Ruysch has only pushed the format since.

On a daily basis Pieterjan Ruysch works with the software LD2000 and Pangolin BEYOND  having also interned at the software vendor (Pangolin laser systems) and helped with the softwares development.

Pieterjan ruysch is considered one of the best laser graphics creators by the company over the past few years. Even going as far as being praised for "some of the best laser graphics I have ever seen in my career" by Ryan Hagan, the owner of ER productions (guinness world record holding company of largest lasershow in the world).